Ten Tips for Beautiful Breasts

You want your breasts to look good, but when you get older and after your pregnancy you can sometimes have trouble with the looks of your breasts . Breast Actives Natural Breast Enlargement

1) Choose the right bra
The easiest way to get a good cleavage is to wear a good bra. A too small bra is not good for your breast tissue and gives no support.

2) Wear appropriate clothing
Wear clothing that flatters your figure. To make your small breasts look bigger, choose clothing with a nice neckline. Think of a v-neck, halterneck or a u-neck. Wrap dresses and tops are ideal if you have larger breasts .

3) Take care of your breasts
Lubricate your breasts regularly with a cream that nourishes your skin and keeps it supple. No busy time as a busy mom ? Then lubricate your night cream on your décolleté and kill two birds with one stone. With a gentle facial scrub, you can exfoliate your neck and breasts once a week . Then you can apply a moisturizing mask to your face, neck and breasts .


4) Do chest exercises
You can make your breasts look bigger, firmer and more beautiful by doing chest exercises at least three times a week. Work-out tip: Put your hands together for your breasts . Keep your elbows at shoulder height and press your hands together. Repeat this fifteen times, lower your arms, take a rest and do two sets of fifteen.

5) Take a cold shower
Your breasts consist mainly of adipose tissue, which is why your skin supports your breasts and keeps them in place. By keeping your skin firm and supple, you prevent your breasts from ‘hanging’. For an elastic skin a good blood circulation is needed and unfortunately a cold shower is the best way to start the circulation.

6) Use invisible aids
The push-up bra is ideal for giving your breasts more volume. You can choose from push-ups filled with foam rubber, silicones and even with water. A special occasion? You can have your décolleté shine with a bronzer. Use a shade that is slightly darker than your own skin. The shadow effect makes your breasts look bigger. Read all about invisible help.

7) Eat healthy
If you lose weight, the size of your breasts may also decrease. Make sure you sport in addition to your diet to strengthen your muscles. It is important that you get enough protein, which forms the building materials of your muscles.

Mommy and so tip: Do you want tips to lose weight? Try to drink green tea! Read all about losing weight with green tea.

8) Plastic surgery
Sometimes your breasts can have a negative effect on your physical or mental health. Large and heavy breasts can lead to neck and back complaints . And the size of your breasts can make you insecure. Then you could opt for a breast reduction, breast augmentation or breast lift. There are risks and disadvantages associated with it. Therefore, let yourself be well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery.

9) Examine your breasts
It is a frightening fact that one in nine women gets breast cancer. For a good cure it is important that you are there early. Therefore, examine your breasts every month, a week after the end of your period because then your breasts are the least sensitive and swollen. If you find a lump, do not panic immediately – eighty percent of all nodules are benign. You probably do not care for anything, but let it be watched by your doctor.

10) Accept your breasts
On TV you see ideal women walking around everywhere, who are supposedly perfect. That can be very frustrating if your body deviates from it. But since no two breasts are the same, it is important that you learn to love your body as it is. Accept what you have naturally and use the resources you have to show your breasts from their best side.